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After an initial clinical assessment (60 minutes), we work to develop a therapy plan for reaching your goals (therapy sessions are 45-50 minutes). We focus on the development of a professional relationship founded on trust, mutual respect, healthy boundaries, non-judgment and compassion.


Minnesota Mental Health Services provides consultation and psychological assessments (e.g., court-ordered, diagnostic assessment, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder testing). We are not medical doctors (such as psychiatrists) and do not prescribe medications.



The therapist does not look for faults and is not directly trying to change the client. Rather, the therapist makes the client and their world the object of mindful attention.
— David Brazier, Zen Therapy
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Minnesota Mental Health Services offers people in the southern Minnesota area personalized counseling experiences and psychological testing. We have flexible hours for appointments in a calm, relaxed environment.

This is a progressive, mindfulness-based practice operating outside of the medical model of mental health treatment and therefore we do not work directly with health insurance companies. Nor are we dictated by their methods of operation. We are independent and are a fee-for-service practice. We are out-of-network providers (i.e., not credentialed with specific health insurance companies).

Clients pay at the time they come in for an appointment and if the client would like to submit claims to their health insurance company, we provide them with the documentation to do that on their own. We do not see clients as damaged individuals in need of repair and we are not interested in applying labels to people. We work with people who are suffering and attempt to alleviate the suffering being caused by dysfunctional systems (both internal and external systems). Our core belief is that you know what you need to do in order to heal and that you are not necessarily dependent upon experts or psychotropic medications in order to function.

We offer free 30 minute in-person consultation for all prospective clients. This gives us an opportunity to hear the reasons you are pursuing services and what you are looking for in terms of services. We will explain what services we provide (e.g., individual, family or couples therapy; psychological testing; diagnostic assessment), the methods we use and go over any questions you have.

Andrew helped get me through the most difficult time of my life. His presence is comforting, and his approach is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. When I spoke, I felt heard.
— 24 Year Old Female
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