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Dr. Dority specializes in psychological testing and assessment. The purpose of psychological assessment is to answer specific questions about psychological or cognitive functioning and to aid clients in making relevant decisions in their lives. These decisions could include academic or career choices, whether to engage in psychotherapy, whether to seek a psychiatric medication consultation, or to learn more about relational functioning to name a few. In order to answer questions, a psychologist will integrate a variety of information into a single report outlining results and making recommendations.

  • ADHD & Autism testing and assessment

  • Court system evaluations (e.g., Rule 20) or Court-ordered psychological evaluations

  • IQ testing

  • Academic and vocational aptitude/achievement testing

  • Diagnosis-specific testing (e.g., bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety

  • Career aptitude testing and assessment

  • Neuro-psychological screening

  • Cognitive functioning

  • Personality styles, functioning, assessment

  • Other legally required or attorney suggested assessments




TYLER Dority, PhD, LP

Tyler Dority, PhD is a licensed psychologist and a partner with Minnesota Mental Health Services. He is a forensic and clinical psychologist as well as a clinical supervisor. Tyler also has a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, although he does not currently engage in psychotherapy session work. He provides psychological and cognitive testing and assessment applicable to a variety of situations and needs. The central feature of his approach is person-centered, accurate, and applicable testing and assessment for the benefit of insight, treatment planning, personal growth, and vocational focus. Tyler provides assessment in the areas of diagnostic testing (such as ADHD or Autism), vocational aptitude and academic achievement, intellectual functioning level, and screening for neurocognitive disorders, to name a few. He creates custom assessments and provides a full explanation of findings for each assessment to ensure that results and recommendations are presented in clear, plain language for each client's needs.


The various information can be gathered from a clinical interview with the client, psychological testing, cognitive testing, and neuropsychological testing. The types and number of tests used are determined by Dr. Dority and the client regarding what combination will best meet the client’s needs and most accurately answer the questions. Once an interview is completed and all relevant tests are administered, the information is then integrated into a summary of the person’s strengths and areas for improvement from a wide range perspective that can be most helpful with problem solving and decision making. Dr. Dority’s role is to provide expert understanding of complex processes and apply the test scores in the context of the individual client’s life. He will then make recommendations that address the broad and overarching factors of a client’s personality and problems in life in order to facilitate problem solving strategies that have the most universal effect.

Dr. Dority offers a free consultation to discuss the needs and concerns of each client and agree on which types of testing will be most useful as well as schedule an appointment to complete the assessment. He will typically engage a client in an approximately one-hour clinical interview in which he will make an effort to learn as much as possible about the client’s needs, background, problems, strengths, and concerns. The testing administration timing varies between testing instruments and this will be more specifically outlined during the consultation with the client. It is Dr. Dority’s preference to complete the interview and all testing in a single, same day appointment if possible.

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